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coalition for

street children


Since 2016, Citoyen des Rues International, Afghanistan Demain and Enfants du Rio have created the Coalition for Street Children

The Coalition’s aim is to combine the resources, experiences and know-how of the three structures in order to better respond to the needs of our local partners. 

All three structures share the same values of solidarity, secularism and protection of children's rights, following the principles expressed in the International Convention for the Rights of Children. 
The members of the Coalition for Street Children work in different ways in 7 countries : Afghanistan, Benin, France, Guinea, Niger, Palestine and Peru. 

In Paris, the teams of the three structures work in the same offices, in a spirit of cooperation and exchange of skills. The members of the Coalition for Street Children now hope to  further their partnership by holding common international projects, in order to reinforce South-South exchanges.

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