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Since the opening of Citizen of the Streets Guinea centre in 2010 in the Cimenterie neighborhood on the periphery of Conakry, the CSG team has continued its efforts to strengthen its capacities and develop activities for the children it supports.

In 2018, the project presented by International Citizen of the Streets and supported by its local partner Citizen of the Streets Guinea has made it possible to set up a new flexible reception centre for street children, to improve the rehabilitation of the children welcomed (social and professional rehabilitation and construction of a life project) and to strengthen CSG's capacity for action.


It concerns 60 children (30 street children and the 30 others in vulnerable situations), girls and boys, aged between 5 and 18, living in the disadvantaged district of La Cimenterie.


In early 2018, a dialogue was held with the Ministry of Employment, Technical Education and Professional Training to define the modalities for the recognition of the centre as a professional training centre.

The dialogue made it possible to confirm and deliver in September 2018 the authorisation for the creation and development of a private professional training centre for sewing, hairdressing and motorcycle mechanics within the centre and to officially validate the launch in November 2018 of professional training workshops in these sectors.

The major challenge is the rehabilitation of the children after obtaining a recognised diploma and a profession thanks to their professional training, but also the empowerment of the centre's canteen through the success of food collections and the launch of night reception.

These are all challenges that Citizen of the Streets Guinea now seems better prepared to meet.

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