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Actions in palestine

International Citizen of the Streets co-financed the creation of two public schools in 2016 and 2017, in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Education as well as international (World Vision, Gruppo di Volontariato Civile) and local NGOs (Hebron International Resources Network). The schools are located in Zif, 7 km south-east of Hebron, and in Jubbet Adh Dhib, east of Bethlehem, Zone C.

In this area, under Israeli military authority, only 33 % of children reach secondary school and the majority of them do not even have access to primary school in their own community, due to the risks associated with the military occupation and the presence of settlers, which seriously restrict their freedom of movement and their right to education.

The girls' school in Zif currently welcomes 165 girls, from first to third grade. The school of Jubbet Adh Dhib, destroyed by the Israeli authorities and then rebuilt by the community, welcomes nearly 70 girls and boys, from first to sixth grade.

Projects initiated by the community, carried out for the community.

Beyond the creation of schools, ICSI's action has also focused on strengthening the capacities of local civil societies. The creation of the schools was an answer to demands from community associations (Jubbet Adh Dhib Women's Committee, Zif Village Committee), with whom we also implemented training workshops in project management and monitoring, fundraising and associative governance, in a logic of support to empowerment.

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