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international citizen of the streets

International Citizen of the Streets supports local initiatives in favour of street children and children in very vulnerable situations. Our objective is the rehabilitation of street children and the protection of children's rights according to the principles set out in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Created in 2007, ICS is a secular and non-partisan association under the 1901 law, which promotes international solidarity action. ICS works through diverse forms in 5 countries : Benin, France, Guinea, Niger and Palestine. Our actions can be summed up in four main areas:


Provide emergency assistance to street children. Through our centres and shelters, we enable them to find a safe and healthy environment and to be surrounded by local social workers. Beforehand, prevention work is also conducted with families in difficulty.


Contribute to the rehabilitation of young people in their environment through family mediation, pedagogical activities, socio-psychological follow-up but also through education and professional workshops.


Street children also suffer from the perception of others and are marginalized. Thanks to their local roots, our teams have the capacity to change mentalities and fight against exclusion. A large number of awareness-raising activities are therefore carried out for communities and local authorities.


ICS provides technical, human and financial support to its partners. Our experience is the result of 10 years of action in the field, and comes mainly from the practice of its partners in the different countries. The benefit of these good practices, but also of the points of opposition, feeds the theoretical expertise of our volunteers, based on the various academic trainings in humanitarian project management.

To this end, training workshops have been implemented on specific themes  (associative governance, project management, monitoring and evaluation, search for funding, food security...) in a logic of structuring local initiatives and support for empowerment. These workshops are developed jointly by ICS staff and members of local teams, in a logic of sharing skills and experiences. ICS also contributes to the search for funding for projects, their conception, monitoring and evaluation. Finally, the structure promotes the actions of its partners in favour of children through the media.

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