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Our Race of Heroes 2020

Broken record ! 

Thanks to their networks, our participants have obtained €3,445 which will be fully donated to our homes around the world that fight against the exclusion of street children.

A 2019 record broken and a great amount of money raised to support the local teams who are on the front line to protect and raise awareness of the children of COVID-19.

A special year ! 

This year, the traditional event planned by the organizers at the Saint-Cloud park did not take place. 

However, our participants decided to honour the principle of the race by gathering together for a 7 km course in the Bois de Vincennes. 
It was the opportunity to meet again and to cross the arrival line of this beautiful collection together.

The agenda 

  • breakfast (very athletic) prepared by La Chorba 

  • walk between Lake Daumesnil and the participatory urban farm of V'île Fertile

  • summer lunch at the farm, prepared and delivered by La Chorba 

  • a lot of good humor!

A creative collection 

To discover or rediscover our heroes.

Watch our video challenge.


CDRI and La Chorba: the association of associations ! Take a look.

It's not too late 

to give your support to one of our runners.

Our Alvarum pools remain open until the end of July.

Together, let's get the kids off the streets! 

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